How to Get Help

For questions regarding server technology and publishing pages on the web cluster, including training opportunities for contributors, please contact the ITS Web Development Consult group.

Web Development Support

Information on additional guides and support sites. Go to the Web Development Support site.

Get a Unix Account

To get a Unix account you must fill out the an online form. After you have filled out the form you will receive an email from accounts with additional information.

Once you have an approved username and password you may download an FTP program from Software Central.

If you need assistance signing up for a Unix account send an email to

Need to be Added to a Unix Group?

If you need to be granted permission to an existing site you need to be added to that sites Unix Group. If you know the administrator of that group you may contact them directly and ask them to add you to the group via the MyGroups site.

If you do not know the administrator of the group you may email where "groupname" is the name of the group for which you are trying to find the administrator. Emails sent to this address will be routed automatically to the group administrator(s).

If you do not know the name of the group email the URL and ask them for the group, then follow the directions listed above.

Additional Information

The University of Virginia has no editorial responsibility or control over certain Web pages, including but not limited to the Web pages of individual faculty members or students and the Web pages of student organizations and other organizations not formally a part of the University. Although the University encourages compliance with all University policies and practices at such Web sites, the University serves only as a neutral provider of Internet-related services to them.